Jonathan Barbot, photographe d'architecture


Jonathan Barbot, photographe d'architectureJonathan Barbot is a French author-photographer. He was born in Dordogne in 1981.
After attending plastic arts classes at Bordeaux III University, he went on doing photo report, traveling in Africa and America, where he got to know the world of journalism. In 2003 he entered the famous ENS Louis Lumière in Paris.

At the end of his master's degree, his thesis theme : « L'imphotographiable paysage. Itinéraire d'une expérience esthétique » ("The intangible scenery. An aesthetic experience itinerary") definitely brings back his fascination for author-photography. In the series "La carrière" ("The quarry"), dedicated to a former stone quarry now abandoned but exploited all along the 20th century, as well as in the series "The manoir" ("The manor"), Jonathan Barbot focuses on the visual distance existing between the constant construction, restoration and decoration work made by Human beings and the perpetual - opposite - movement of Nature.

The time scale is an essential aspect in his analysis, for indeed, on the short term Human beings seem to pretty well master materials and contain elements; but on a longer period of time, Nature clearly imposes its own pace.
The whole point of this research consists in the residual energy of this friction.

Jonathan Barbot's photographies highlight places aura, bringing back memories, rousing stories while one's own realm is calling up or just even a formal harmony. "La carrière" was exhibited in FNAC stores in France and Europe and then in Dordogne. "Le manoir" got the "Coup de Coeur" distinction at Bourse du Talent, a determining event for the photographer as he later chose to go on with architectural photography.

In between, he got to be Sophie Delaporte's (famous French fashion photographer) first assistant, moved back to Périgueux in 2009 and started then working as a freelancer.

« What I like in architectural photography is precisely this search work, finding out the equation clues about how we got there, why this building or that room are this way, at this place and not differently. What does come out of this? Links, knots, attractions, tensions, perspectives, discussion! Each day, each hour, each moment since construction and after, there is an interaction between the architect work and the light, the life on the site, the perpetually changing environment. The photographer job is to find out and to show where the architect managed to create harmony. »


Exhibitions and personal publications

  • « Le manoir », full series set published in the online magazine Le courrier de l'architecte, 2013.
  • « Les résidences HLM », 20 images published in the online magazine Le courrier de l'architecte, 2012.
  • « La carrière », Odyssée theater, 2009.
  • « La carrière », Fnac Les Halles (2007) in Paris, Fnac in Strasburg followed by a broadcast in France and Europe.
  • « L'Art d'Ivoire », a solo journey throughout Ivory Coast, Périgueux, 2001.
  • « Le secteur sauvegardé de Périgueux » ; « L'évolution d'un chantier urbain », double exhibition on the famous and yearly Journées du Patrimoine, Périgueux, 2000.

Collaboration work

  • « Photographies d'architecture », 10 printings 30x40 cm for the « La Médiathèque de Bellac, De la commande à la réalisation », exhibition, with Nicolas Balmy, architect in Spirale workshop and Haut Limousin association of municipal corporations, Bellac Media Library, Summer 2013.
  • « Banquise », diasec printing for the artist and stage designer Mathias Kiss' « Sans 90° » exhibition in Galerie Armel Soyer, 75003 Paris, 2011.
  • « Le grand huit », long exposures of 8 minutes on daylight, collaboration work, printings and slide show with musical background at FEMIS, 2005, Rencontres d'Arles (Event in city of Arles), 2005 and at MEP (Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Photography European Building) for the Photography Month event and on ENS Louis Lumière 80th anniversary occasion, 2006.
  • « Le Mois de la Photo 2004 », creation of a gazette exhibited then at the MEP, 2004.


  • Bourse du Talent no.36 « Coup de cœur » distinction: Aeras, Landscapes, Architecture 2008, for the series « Le manoir ».
  • Prizewinner 2004 of Prix de l'Espérance, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet foundation for Vocation.

Degree course

  • DEGREE from École Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, Paris, artistic category. Thesis : Corgnac-sur-l'Isle 's quarry : L'imphotographiable paysage. Itinéraire d'une expérience esthétique, 2003/2006.
  • MASTER in Plastic Arts, 1999/2003.
  • A-LEVEL Physics and Chimie, 1998/1999.

Professional experience

Architecture, Interior, Landscape and Scenery, Corporate communication, Event, Portrait


  • Le Festin + Hors Série
  • Demeures et Châteaux
  • Balade en Périgord
  • Artravel
  • Génération Femme
  • La lettre du CCFD
  • VMF : Vieilles Maisons Françaises
  • Le magazine de Périgueux
  • Le Monde 2
  • Dordogne-Périgord
  • ICF Infos
  • Le Moniteur

Stage assistant, architecture retouching, skin retouching, production, stage direction for:

  • Eric Cuvillier, photographer specialised in luxurious hotels photography in Europe and Middle East.
  • Sophie Delaporte, fashion and advertising photographer @ Filomeno (Vogue, Milk, John Galliano, Bonne Maman, Le Bon Marché etc).
  • Marc Montezin, fashion photographer @ Cat Productions (Gala, Version Femina).


for Monde 2 editorial, Paris, 2006.


  • Iconographer for Monde 2, 2005.
  • Studio photographer (objects and paintings) for the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France - Louvre (Louvre French Museums Research and Restoration Center), 2004.


  • French National Assembly
  • Arcadie
  • Archistudio
  • ICF Habitat, social housing lessor
  • AbacaPress
  • Éditions René
  • Bank Crédit Agricole Char.-Périgord
  • Interior architecture Delafosse+
  • Architect Didier Griffoul
  • Alain-Charles Perrot workshop
  • Mama Shelter Hotel
  • Accor
  • CDT24
  • Potel & Chabot
  • Eiffage
  • SuperModular
  • Textdecor
  • Vitra
  • Architect Pierre Chrétien
  • Louis XIV workshop
  • Mediapress
  • Rheinzink
  • Architecture workshop Spirale
  • Périgueux City Hall
  • JH Industries
  • French Lawyers Concil
  • Architect Paul Segura


Suggested translations for series and exhibitions names:

« L'imphotographiable paysage. Itinéraire d'une expérience esthétique »: "The intangible scenery. An aesthetic experience itinerary"
« La carrière »: "The quarry"
« Le manoir »: "The manor"
« Les résidences HLM »: "The state-owned housing blocks"
« L'Art d'Ivoire »: "A roadtrip in Côte d'Ivoire"
« Le secteur sauvegardé de Périgueux »; « L'évolution d'un chantier urbain »: "Périgueux' protected historical area" ; "A urban site evolution"
« Photographies d'architecture »: "Architecture photographies"
« La Médiathèque de Bellac, De la commande à la réalisation »: "Bellac media library, from order to performance"
« Banquise »: "Pack-ice"
« Le grand huit »: "The roller-coaster"
« Le Mois de la Photo 2004 »: "2004 Photo Month" 

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